Our range of testing and measurement equipment are:

  • Abrasion Tumblers,
  • AC/DC Power Supplies,
  • Anechoic Chambers & Shield Rooms,
  • Coil Turns Counter,
  • Communication Measuring Instrument,
  • Drop Testers,
  • Electronic Loads,
  • Endurance and Stress Testers,
  • EMC Simulators,
  • EMC Test Systems,
  • Environmental Temperature and Humidity Chambers
  • LCR Meters,
  • Laser Vibrometers,
  • Multi-meters,
  • Mechanical Measuring Instrument,
  • PV/Array Simulators,
  • Signal Generators,
  • Shock Testers,
  • Sound Pressure Meters,
  • Tumbler Testers,
  • UPS,
  • Vibration Testers,
  • Voltage Simulators,
  • Voltage & Current Recorders
  • and many more.


AC Power Supply –
We have a wide range of Voltage, Current and Frequency variable. It will also act as a Voltage Stabilizer use in areas where there is voltage fluctuation. This voltage fluctuation will cause serious damage to electrical and electronic equipment. Simulator for fluctuating AC source.

DC Power Supply –
A power source for equipment using DC voltage, a simulator for a solar array for evaluating photovoltaic inverters. We have a range from low to high capacity.

Industrial grade and true on-line models for various needs. Prevent serious damage to equipment and loss of data.

Compliance Test Anechoic Chambers, Shield Rooms, Power Amplifiers, Antennas, Filters. Reliability Test Electrostatic Discharge, Fast Transient Noise, Impulse Noise, Lightning Surge, Voltage and Surge Simulators.

EMC Test Facilities 10-m Semi-Anechoic Chamber for Radiated Emission Test, 3-m Full-Anechoic Chamber for Radiated and Conducted Immunity Test, 3 Shield Rooms; for:

  • Electrostatic Discharge Simulation Test
  • Fast Transient Simulator Test
  • Lightning Surge Test
  • Conducted Emission Test
  • Magnetic Field Immunity Test

Special Room for Harmonic Current, Dip and Flicker Test. At a lower cost than most EMC test facilities in this region, you have a flexible and shorter queue time for usage. The Anechoic Chamber performance is NSA +/-2dB with SVSWR less than 4dB. The EMC test facilities provide a full range of ITE set-ups for CISPR 22 and 24. The facilities within also provide product confidentiality with an isolated test lab and storage room for your convenience.

ATE System – Cost Down and high-speed universal switching power supply test system.

Curve Tracers –
Semiconductor Curve Tracers for measuring the characteristics of different types of semiconductors including IGBTs, MOSFETs, Transistors, and Diodes.

Data Loggers –
Go Green with Data Loggers, Temperature and Humidity, Pressure, Voltage Loggers, Data Collectors.

Electronic Loads –
Multifunction, low voltage operation, high-speed current control, fast slew rate, booster function. Isolation Measurement System Measurement support for floating, broad bandwidth, multi-channel and simultaneously measurements as well as measurement of ultra-high voltage.

LED Emulator –
For evaluation test of LED drivers and LED power drivers.

Meters –
Handheld and Desktop Digital Multi-meters, LCR meter,Multi-channels on-line Voltage, Current, Temperature and Humidity Recorders, Voltage and Current Clamps, Power Analyzers, Battery Testers to detect the performance of rechargeable batteries.

Multi-Protocol Analyzers –
Analyzers for the development, testing and maintenance of line communication equipment and information system. Support Data Analysis, Simulation, Bit Error Rate Test an External Input/Output. With expansion kits support for TTL, I2C, SPI, Current loop, CC-link, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, PAN (PoE).

Oscilloscopes –
Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes for observation and analysis.

Safety Testers –
Withstanding, Insulation, Leakage Current, Ground Bond Testers in compliance with many safety test standards.

Signal Generator – Audio, High Frequency, RF Signal Generators and Delay Pattern Generators.

Turns Counter –
Accurately counts the turns of Bobbins, Toroidal or Free Wound Coils. Coils dimension ranges from Internal Diameter 1mm to 64mm and from Outer Diameter 50mm to 200mm.

Xenon Flash –
Xenon Flash devices are used in various applications such as Stroboscope and Heat Source.

Abrasion Tumbler – is used to test electronic devices’ durability against small particles such as dust, textile dust or sand.

Ball Bearing Inspection System –
Anderon Meters – Ball bearing manufacturers to inspect, test and verify the quality of ball bearings with respect to noise and vibration.

Drop Tester –
To test the breakages of small items and components and also in durability test of packaging materials, product in extreme transportation conditions.

Tumble Tester –
is used to test the breakage of various small items and components

Torque Dynamometer –
Widely used for measurement analysis to help create quiet, ripple-free motors.